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Our design philosophy is centered around providing buildings adequate energy efficiencies.


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Our design philosophy is centered around providing buildings adequate energy efficiencies, spare capacities, sustainability, energy conservation.


Complete coordination reviews are then performed by the A/E team who use progress coordination sets for each discipline to ensure that there is good coordination between the trades.

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As a committed construction company, Mandelin Tech specializes in a complete electrical engineering, low voltage, and telecommunications designs for both remodel and new projects in the Municipal projects, Healthcare, Correctional Facilities, Schools fields, as well as in many private organizations.
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Plasma Cutter – How to Eliminate the Bevel Creation?

Having a plasma cutter is not enough! When you are looking forward to get the best out of the machine, you always need to know the right steps and processes that can possibly help you to do so. These days, you can find a wide range of plasma cutters in the market and most of these machines are coming with higher power range and superb output. But that doesn’t mean you will be able to operate or handle the machine in the right manner. In order to do so, you need to know more about the machine’s operational standards and the correct settings. There are also some trouble shoots you need to know when you are working with a plasma cutter. When you are cutting with a plasma cutter, you always expect to come up with clean and accurate cuts. Well, this is what can even create problems for you. You can come across issue with the cuts while working with such a machine. So, it’s always good to know the basic trouble shoot with the cut quality.

In this regard, we can start the discussion with the basic associated with bevel. It’s the bevel that is caused by plasma gas which comes out of the nozzle. When you are involved in plasma cutting, you cannot really avoid this step, as this one is what makes the cut proper and perfect. As this step is unavoidable, the creation of bevel is also unavoidable. But there are ways that you can follow in order to keep the bevel edge very low. In this regard, using the high-definition plasma can also come up with great outcome. This type of plasma is used to produce fewer bevels with comparison to a conventional cutter.


There are some other elements that also contribute a lot for the creation of high level of bevel. It’s the air pressure, quality of the air, cut direction, the condition of the consumables and the standoff distance; all these elements pay a very important role in terms of making or eliminating the bevel. If these elements are not in the best shape, the bevel edge on the cuts can remain higher. And when these elements are maintained in the right manner, you can always expect for the less or no bevel. Well, these elements are what decide the level of the bevel achieved for the cut made with the work piece. When you are looking forward to create a perfect plasma arc, the gas should be applied in the right vortex. As the arc is equipped with the natural direction to rotate, this arrangement should be there. In this way, a particular side of the plasma arc can create more bevels with comparison to the other. Therefore, it is always necessary to follow the right traveling direction. You can ensure this by moving the torch in the right angle and direction.

There are two directions referred for the cut. The first one is the climbing arc and the next one is the conventional arc. When there is a need to create the conventional cut, the torch needs to move in a counter clock like direction. This direction needs to be maintained around the outside portion of the cuts. And at the same time, the clock wise motion needs to be maintained at the inside of the cuts. However, the climbing cut pattern is really different from the conventional one. when you are looking for the best bevel, opting for a climbing cut can deliver great outcome. Going for the right side of the travelling direction can perform the best cuts that you are actually looking for.

At the edges or at the corners, you can find more bevel with comparison to the normal cut. This can come into act when the machine uses to slow down in order to change the direction. Well, this is achieved while adjusting the ramping range as well as by starting the stop values. There are also cases when low level of amperage is used in order to slow down the traveling speed. This also helps in reducing the travel speed at the corners. When you are looking for the sharp corners for the cuts of bigger shapes slow down the machine. This type of cut is more applicable when you are working on the thick materials and in this case the bevel at the corner can increase dramatically.

Bevel can also come into the act when the consumables are not changed for a long time. In case of worn parts or consumables the bevel can remain high. Worn tip, or the development of slag can even restrict the proper flow of air and this is redirected in such ways that it can create random bevel as well as improper cut quality. If you really want to troubleshoot the bevel, you should always check the consumables on a regular interval. If you are looking for the most proven method to reduce bevel, then you should always try to keep the cutting speed proper and firm enough. The standoff distance also needs to be maintained properly and that can eliminate the chance for bevel creation. You also need to have a keen look at the amperage and set it properly while looking forward to eliminate the bevel. Dry and clean air plays a very important role in terms of eliminating the bevel. Always use the consumables that are in the best working condition. Following these steps can help you to get rid of bevel to a huge extent.

It’s the position of the torch that plays a very important role in creating bevel. So, the torch height from the work piece which is also known as the standoff distance needs to be maintained properly. If the torch is too close or at a good distance from the work piece, then you cannot really stop the bevel from appearing with the cuts you have made. As an operator you need to take special care of the bevel when you are looking for firm, accurate and proper work.